How to Soften Skin in Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

Everybody wants to look good especially models to post on social media for likes, comments, following, and shares to grow their fan base, that’s why I’m teaching you today how you can use Adobe Photoshop to soften skin to make a picture too beautiful that you won’t an expert to do that for you.

Whether you are a male or female, this process can be done by yourself in under 5 minutes of your ample time. Download the Photoshop software if you haven’t already and let’s get started;

1. Import the photo in Photoshop and duplicate it by pressing CTRL=J.

2. Select the duplicated layer (photo) and click on the brush tool to select Mixer Brush Tool. Don’t forget to off your caps lock in case it’s on.

3. Click on the button that indicates “Clean the brush after each stroke” and set Wet to 5%, Load to 75%, Mix to 90%, and Flow to 100%.

4. Brush the image to clean all unwanted particles. After brushing, set the opacity to 96% or your preference.

5. Duplicate the first layer (photo) which the background and select it. Go to Image, Adjustment, and click on desaturate or enter shift +ctrl+u.

6. Click on filters, go to others, and select high pass. Set the high pass to 3.0 or any appropriate number.

7. On that same layer, select soft light create a layer mask on the layer, and click on ctrl+i.

8. Select the brush tool and brush on the image to tone the skin naturally.

9. Done

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